Thursday, November 5, 2009

The French Dip Review is Featured on The Consumerist

The week just keeps getting better.

Not only did I inaugurate this blog with a review of a Perkins French dip sandwich, get a call from their regional manager, get a gift card sent to me, AND find a French dip in my schools cafeteria, but apparently my sister sent my story into The Consumerist, which has led to this humble blog (21 French dip loving followers, yeah!) being featured on their site.

Perkins Is Really Genuinely Concerned That Your French Dip Sandwich Sucked

Oh how the meager have risen. You know when you are featured on The Consumerist that you have reached the big leagues.

I would just like to thank everyone who wrote comments in that article, I read them all. Yes, I agree with you all, French dips are awesome. Yes, it is funny that I have created a blog dedicated to reviewing French dips, but only in the "Isn't it funny that no one has thought to exclusively review one of the best foods to have ever graced our planet?" sort of way. Oh, and concerning the heated thread regarding my use of the word niggardly, I was merely using shorthand. What I meant was "Perkins was niggardly with their fries," not that the fries themselves were being niggardly.

I would also like to welcome my new followers, who undoubtedly love French dip sandwiches as much as the rest of us. Feel free to introduce yourselves in the comments of this post. I hope you check back often for more reviews, lest you go to a restaurant which turns you off to the holiness that is French dip.

But fear not, fellow French dip lovers, this feature will not go to my head. I realize that I am still your humble servant, selflessly reviewing French dips to separate the wheat from the chaff, all so you can enjoy the best sandwiches this world has ever known.


  1. Soon the restaurants everywhere will fear the French Dip Review.

  2. Found your blog via the Consumerist. From one food blogger to another, keey up the good work!