Sunday, October 25, 2009

Overview: The French Dip Review (A Preview of Deliciousness to Come)

Since the dawn of time, mankind has loved eating four things: Meat, cheese, bread, and brown salty sauce. Unfortunately, for eons man found no tasteful way to combine these four separate forces of nature. That all changed in the early 20th century. While physicists were still struggling to find a unifying solution for electromagnetism, gravity, strong force, and weak force, chefs in the 1900's created their own version of a grand unification theory, winning what was known thereto as the "Unification Race" (the sickly and lesser-known cousin of the "Space Race" and the "Caucasian Race"). These chefs succeeded by fusing all of the four "super foods" thus: They first cut a french baguette lengthwise, then placed sliced roast beef in on the bread, topped it with melted Swiss cheese, and placed the other side of the bread on top. They then dipped this creation in a steamy, salty, browny au jus sauce, which modern restaurants often serve on the side, evidence of the theory of French Dip Evolution, popularized by the great English naturalist Charles Darwin. By doing so, the chefs solved one of the greatest problems in contemporary science and created the greatest invention since the axle:

The French Dip

This blog was created to celebrate this culinary masterpiece of deliciousness. Like most red-blooded men, I love French dips, and I have taken it upon myself to review these little pieces of heavenly cuisine wherever I go. While this blog will mostly focus on the French dips found in Southeast Minnesota and Northeast Iowa, I hope to expand the scope of this blog, eventually reviewing around the country. I hope that will join me on my quest to taste as many French dips as possible in an attempt to find the best French dip I can, and to honor the sandwich we all love: The French Dip.

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